We Take Substance Over Form Any Day

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Remember your early business career days, when the highest bidder would receive your services?  It didn’t matter what the job was all about.  It didn’t matter what the company was all about.  It didn’t matter what the product was all about.  The bottom line was money.  It probably took a few years and many experiences to learn that money isn’t what work is all about and it isn’t always greener on the other side.  It is using your God-given abilities and gifts to serve your fellow man.

But the reason we mention the above pertains to being lured away from your main purpose for living.  If your life is built on sand, your foundation is going to shift all the time.  If your life is built on rock, your foundation is going to remain stable all the time.  The sand of course is this world’s values.  The rock is Jesus Christ.

The world’s values are constantly changing.  Through the media, movies, books, and social organizations, the core values of life arc constantly being portrayed without a God-centered foundation.  One doesn’t always see the fruit of experience until they lived it.  But by then, it may be too late.  However with the Word, we have man’s experience living life with God and apart from God.  We have a solid core of values that have proven beneficial over time.  We have the lessons and experiences of many people who have tried it their way and suffered the consequences.  We also have those who lived by faith and died in the faith.  People don’t become martyrs unless the reward is greater than the cost.

When you are in possession of the great pearl of life, the fountain of eternity, the wisdom of the ages, the crown of crowns, and the joy of joys, you do not take it lightly.  You treasure what you have received.  You hold it close to your heart.  You protect it from all danger.  Yet you cannot hide it.  You freely received it and you freely give it away.  But only to those who know its value and worth.  Otherwise, it will be trampled underfoot and taken for granted.

The cost of discipleship is high.  But so is the reward.  The privilege and honor to serve the Living God on a one-to-one relationship is mentally staggering.  What does this world’s system have in comparison with being a disciple of His?  Many careers may look more appealing.  Many lifestyles may look more appealing.  Many avenues of life may look more appealing.  They may all have the outward image that glistens and shines from the outside, but none of them holds any real substance in comparison with a life in Christ.  Give us substance over form any day.



Our Richly, Magnificent Dad, thank you for revealing your way of abundant living!  Your ways have always proven in the long run to be the way to live.  You are surely awesome.  Everything we do in you, we do thankfully, gratefully, and gracefully.

You have surrounded us with your treasures.  You have revealed to us your Son.  You have given to us a Comforter in the Holy Spirit.  You have surrounded us with your angels.  You have given us all the resources of the universe to pursue your kingdom.  You have always given us what we need to survive.  You are continually creating your masterpiece in us preparing us for all eternity.  You are truly awesome!

Help us always to focus on your character and Word in pursuit of our goals.  Let our actions and achievements bring you glory.  Even as the outer body slowly decays, continue to renew the inner man with your divine presence.  It is what we live for and wait for each day: to eventually be with you in your eternal home serving you and your world as you serve us.

Thank you Jesus for everything you made possible.  Amen.

Yours In Christ,

Dr. Mike

Coach, Consultant, and Encourager

Author of Great Business Emulates a Good God

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