What Else Is There?

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How often in our life have we felt like just quitting?  Just giving up whatever we were pursuing and calling it quits. In fact, maybe we even may have a bad habit of quitting whenever life just doesn’t work out the way we expect it to. Are we natural quitters? Or do we know when to quit?

We recall a friend who was taking his third class in graduate school when he decided to call it quits. At the time, he just needed a break from the academic routine and convince himself it was only going to be for the one semester.  He didn’t return until ten years later.

Yet, when it comes to walking with our Lord, where does one go after one decides to quit? Turn back to where? Stop moving forward? In fact, turning back is worst then just quitting. When one quits, one just stops moving forward. When one turns back. one is walking away from their destination leaving a larger distance between oneself and one’s goal.

If one decides to turn back, where will they go? After one has tasted the fruit of the Spirit, what compares?  After one experiences Grace and Freedom, does one revert to slavery? After building a relationship of Love and Trust with the Living Creator, is there anyone else who one could better depend on? After one’s eyes are open to understand God’s Plan for a new heaven and a new earth being occupied by eternal beings, who has the greater vision and power to accomplish it?

Satan believes his plan is better for mankind. Do we? The world’s systems believe their plan is better for us. Do we? At times, even our carnal nature temporarily convinces us that there is a better way. But do we really believe it afterwards?

After many of His disciples deserted Jesus because of His teachings (Jn 6:66), Jesus asked Peter if he likewise was turning back. But Peter replied where else is there to go; Jesus had the words of eternal life. Likewise, it is true today.

Of all the major religious movements that impacted mankind, only Christianity has a Founder that claimed to be God and offers Grace to the sinner. Truly unique. To be a follower of His is also truly unique. For in following Him, we acknowledge His lordship. His teachings, His authority, His government, and His involvement in our life until His return. Just like some people in His time thought He to be a crazy man possessed by demons, there are those today who think the same of us. So be it.



Our Eternal Almighty Dad, thank you for remembering that we are just humans. We are temporary beings with eternal goals. Apart from you we will never accomplish eternity. It is you who has given it to us via Jesus Christ as a gift. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

There are those who ridicule us for what we believe and how we live. If we are bringing any shame to you and your eternal name, please let us know and help us change it. If we are not living up to your glory, let us know and help us to repent.

Everything we desire is in you. Let us live our life in your glory and honor.  We may sometimes go overboard in our actions and preaching, but pray that you capture our results and words and plant them into the lives of others that need it. We all need you. Help us to live dependant on you. Help us to exercise the freedom you have given us for your glory. Let your freedom ring out loud for others to hear and experience.

Thank you Jesus. Amen.

Yours In Christ,

Dr. Mike

Coach, Consultant, and Encourager

Author of Great Business Emulates a Good God

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