Ever Try Thinking For Yourself?

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How well do we know our Bible?

After a certain number of years, we quickly understand why people who study the Bible and look at the Christian churches are confused. It’s easy to see the hypocrisy between what a Christ-Follower is to be like compared to a secular Christian.

When Martin Luther asserted the scriptures to the Catholic Church during the Reformation, he was only clarifying what the Universal Church believes versus what people have come to know through human appeal. The gospel of Jesus, the good news of the kingdom of God, and the message throughout scripture is a message of hope in a simplistic manner. For example, the message of salvation is through Jesus Christ. As Martin Luther demonstrated, salvation cannot be earned but is a gift from God. We as a people may read it in scriptures. We as a people may even understand it. But, do we as a people live it? It amazes many of us how so many denominations take such a simple message and add onto it. It’s almost like now the message is “Jesus Plus”. That is “Jesus Plus” how well one keeps the commandments. Or it’s “Jesus Plus” how much one serves. Or it’s “Jesus Plus” how much one attends church on a regular basis. Or it’s “Jesus Plus” how much money one donates. Or it’s “Jesus Plus” which church one attends. The list is endless.

So how well do we know our Bible?

Everything we need to know regarding salvation is easily understood from scriptures. The scriptures are clearly explained and repeated throughout the New Testament by various writers. On the other hand, there are scriptures that are not so clear. These are the scriptures where people have disagreed over the ages and new denominations are built because of it. But the simple truth is that if these issues where important for salvation, wouldn’t our loving Dad have clearly explained them to us. But no, He has allowed us to disagree, argue, and build walls over issues that are not important. Why? We don’t really know but wonder if He is trying to teach us how to live with the differences of people.  It’s easier to love someone who totally agrees with you on every issue. But, is it not harder when you disagree with a person’s opinion? And really, many of the differences are nothing more than people’s opinions on the interpretation of scriptures. We argue over these issues like salvation is really the result of a correct answer. Don’t be deluded.

Again, how well do we know our Bible?

The next time we read the Bible through its entirety, mark down all the scriptures that pertain to salvation. Keep these in front of you and never let any person or power take away your crown. Don’t let people tell you what scriptures are important. You read it and you with the Holy Spirit determine what scriptures you are willing to die for. Your eternity is at stake. Don’t be deluded. Don’t be captured by the delusions of others. You have the ability to determine yourself. Think for yourself. You have been given a wonderful mind, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit to lead you into all the Truth. Remember always to A.S.K: Ask Him, Seek Him, Keep Knocking, and He will lead you. Don’t be deluded.

Again we ask.  How well do we know our Bible?



Our Great Heavenly Dad, thank you for your supreme gift of salvation and the Bible.  Help us to study it. Help us to learn from it. Help us to develop a deeper, closer relationship with you through it. Help us to understand what you consider important and live our life accordingly. Let no one delude us or mislead us in your Word. But open our mind to understand your mind, open our eyes to see through your eyes, open our heart to feel with your heart. This is what we ask great Dad.  Amen.

Yours In Christ,

Dr. Mike

Coach, Consultant, and Encourager

Author of Great Business Emulates a Good God

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