Would You Negotiate At The Table of The Enemy?

negotiate 1

You may notice the title does not say “do not eat at the table of the enemy,” or “do not spend time at the table of the enemy.” All it asks is would you negotiate with the enemy. In other words, are we to love our enemies or negotiate with them? Yet how are we to spend time serving them and prayerfully dealing with them if we are not at their table? Are we to totally avoid them because they may cause us great harm? Doesn’t Jesus require us to love them as He loves us?

Yes, we are not to allow their influence, their arguments, or their ways to change our commitment to serving our Lord first. We are not to compromise our position in Christ. Everything else though is negotiable, but not the Word, not our faith, not our belief, not our relationship with God. One writer summarized it like this, “First Things First.”

When we find ourselves at the table or house of the enemy, we need to be cautious. We need to be “as harmless as doves but as wise as serpents.” We need to see into the heart of the enemy. We need to realize what he is attempting to accomplish and with the Spirit of God confront it. We are not to compromise our crown, but lead like the servant King Jesus did when confronted by Satan. He was tempted, but he didn’t negotiate. He didn’t accept any part of the offer from Satan, but turned it all down by placing His relationship with His Heavenly Father first. He didn’t trade His future for immediate gratification. Instead, He reiterated God’s position on each confrontation. By stating God’s position on each temptation, He didn’t allow Satan any room to influence his stand.

As a disciple of His, you will find yourself likewise confronted by Satan. He will do everything possible to negotiate a spiritual surrender in his favor. He will try to buy you, he will try to steal you, or he will try to weaken you with gifts. He will do everything for you to try to negotiate with Him. He knows when we start negotiating with him, than he has us. We will lose. Like Jesus, don’t even start negotiating with him. Focus on your relationship with your Heavenly King and ask Him for the wisdom, words, and strength to be the ambassador of the Kingdom of God as a witness for Satan and the world to see.

Don’t ever forget who the real enemy is. It is not the people or the world’s system per say. They are just the pawns of Satan. They have been deceived and lied to over time that they may even believe they are doing God a  service. When in reality, they are blind, wretched, and poor. They need to be introduced to the real Jesus and experience the real changing power of the Holy Spirit. You may be the source that God chooses to bring the good news to them. Don’t negotiate, stand firm in the armor of God, and watch His power change lives.



Our Life-Sharing Dad, thank you for revealing your Truth to us. Thank you for opening our eyes to see the enemy. But now help us to live more victorious for you.  Help us to put the enemy to shame. Help us to reveal his strategies and tactics. Help us to call on the power of Heaven to dismantle the enemy’s strongholds. Help us to nip temptation at the bud by relying on your Truth, Strength, and Hope.

Everything we seek involves you in some fashion. Help us to be your ambassador of the Kingdom. Let all people come to know you and the joy of your salvation.  Thank you Jesus.

Yours In Christ,

Dr. Mike

Coach, Consultant, and Encourager

Author of Great Business Emulates a Good God


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