Why Does It Matter What They, Them, and Others Think?

popularity 3

Remember as a youngster asking permission from your mother to attend an event where “everyone” was going to be there.  Mom would give it some thought and decided it was not for your best interest to attend.  Most of us would become upset because “they” were able to go and how come we couldn’t.  We wanted to do what ”they, them, and others” did.  So it probably doesn’t amaze us even to this day that “they” are also a part of our children’s vocabulary.  Whatever the popular trend is for that period of life seems to slowly induce us to lose our individuality.  We seem to more easily accept the most popular trend as the gospel because the majority of people cannot be in error: we think.  What’s wrong with everyone looking like yellow pencils?  Or everyone writing with a number two yellow pencil?

You be the judge.  Is it wrong to do what is popular for that day?  No, but is it automatically the best thing for you to do?  We know the answer.  As we mature, we begin to realize that we are each an individual creation with different abilities, talents, and passions all waiting to come together in its time and place.  When the time and place  arrives the exhilaration of accomplishment or feeling of meaning elapses all the pain and struggles we may had to endure.  We become our unique selves.  God’s creation is glorified as His handiwork comes alive.  We express to the outside world what has been cultivating from the inside of our inner being since birth.  Our uniqueness colors the spectrum of society adding flavor to our relationships.  We live and walk by a different drummer, but that drummer is beating in unison with all the rest of creation.  Only others may not hear it because they are distracted with superfluous appearances and values.  The world’s view is to make everyone the same by thinking differently than God.  That is what makes popularity so dangerous.  The question we always need to ask before making a decision is, “God are you with this program or are you outside looking in?

When we agree with the popular view, is it typically because the opinion of the majority can’t be wrong, or is it because the Word and Spirit support the conclusion?  Isn’t it the majority that believes in God, but only the few who have responded to His calling?  Isn’t it the majority that voted for legalize abortion?  Isn’t it the majority that voted for legalized gambling?  Isn’t it the majority that feeds the Hollywood greed machine?  Isn’t it the majority that remains silent with most political, social, and economic issues of the day?

What is there to ponder about?  Whether you choose what is the popular, what is acceptable, what is normal, or what is held in the highest opinion, it doesn’t matter with us any longer.  Our best choice, being His disciple, is to follow to the best of our abilities His Word and Spirit at all times.



Our Real, Heavenly Dad, your glory and honor reveals itself everyday through your creation.  Your Truth and Strength is a companion to our soul.  Your thoughts and questions challenge our mind.  Your companionship brings us comfort and encouragement each and every day.

You are the center of our popularity.  Everything that makes us excited embodies within you.  You are our hope, faith, and substance.  Everything of value encircles you.  Help us to keep you first on everyone’s list.  But most importantly, help us keep you first on our list.  Let nothing come between us.  Breakdown all walls of vanity, blindness, and ignorance between us.  Let us know you as you truly are.

We Love you Dad and thank you for this precious life.  Amen.  Amen.

Yours In Christ,

Dr. Mike

Coach, Consultant, and Encourager

Author of Great Business Emulates a Good God

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