Sometimes the Passion Carries Us Through

passion 2

Remember those college days when we could stay up all night socializing, studying, or working to complete a class assignment before the morning deadline?  It wouldn’t stop us at all to miss a night of sleep.  We were young, energized, and could easily abuse our bodies without worrying what affect it would have on us the next day.

Today, for most of us, that has changed.  If we are not in bed within a reasonable time, our body is going to drag the next day.  Sure, we could fool our self once in a while and cheat maybe once per week without feeling the effects.  But, if we did it on a regular basis, the price would severally hamper our effectiveness as a person.

However, those of us who are naturally energized are blessed.  For example, isn’t it a fact that when we have something that we personally desire to do, our passion motivates us towards its accomplishment?  Whatever sleep we may be missing don’t bother us as much as the sleep we miss due to the stress of job related activities.  When we are in a flow of doing what is enjoyable, pleasurable, and uplifting, doesn’t the body seem to forget the sleeplessness?

Isn’t it the same when we feel we are doing Kingdom work?  We say feel because at times don’t we question whether what we are doing is kingdom work or we think its kingdom work?  Either way since we feel it is kingdom work, the passion and spirit keeps us going.  Ssometimes when our heart is heavy, don’t we just naturally pray?  Or at other times when we have a tough decision to make, don’t we find quite time to meditate and seek answers from our Lord?  Then isn’t there time for church meetings, Bible studies, and emergencies when friends need someone that will listen to their problems?  Doesn’t such times seem so weightless on the spirit?  Isn’t the time going without sleep with we call the necessary, unpleasant work-related situations that steals our joy?  These are the energy draining events that require more grace than we possess at the moment.  But isn’t these times when we find sleep truly refreshes our soul?  And yes, staying up to perform Kingdom work likewise refreshes the soul.  Isn’t it only a matter of perspective and priority?

As a disciple of His, our passion is to serve Him whenever, wherever, whatever the situation.  No matter what the activity, somehow don’t we eventually learn that joy increases whenever we submit to His calling?



Our Wonderful Dad, you have created us with emotion.  You have given us the drive and motivation to channel our passion in any direction we choose.  You have given us attitudes and priorities to convert into reality.  Everything was created for our use for your glory.

Help us to choose wisely.  Help us with the discipline to channel the energy in the direction that will magnify your Will.  Help us to live our life in your divine presence.  Make our heart desire you more and more each day.  Make our mind seek to understand your awesomeness.  Make our soul hungry for your a deeper relationship with you.  Let everything we do be done in your service and glory.  Thank you Jesus.  Amen.

Yours In Christ,

Dr. Mike

Coach, Consultant, and Encourager

Author of Great Business Emulates a Good God
Portal: Be Radical…


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