We Owe! We Owe! Off To Work We Go!


Are all our financial  obligations paid  up to date? Are all our other obligations paid up to date? Do we owe anyone anything?

The Bible states that we need to owe no one anything except our love. In which case, whom do we owe our love to? When it comes to the gospel of Christ have we done everything that we are capable and responsible for at this time?  To say yes is a peaceful and content state of mind and heart. To say no is unsettling. To say we are not sure is closer to the truth.

There are moments when we feel like champions after fulfilling our obligations as a Christ-follower. We either hung in there long enough to see God produce His fruit or we plowed full steam ahead until the job was done. Another project accomplished for the cause of Christ.

Yet those moments pass quickly as we struggle with the unsettling accounts and obligations that we realize we may never be able to accomplish nor fulfill. While we are serving our local church a call for help comes from the community food shelter, immediately followed by a call from the a senior housing project. Meanwhile as we open the mail, requests come from several organizations that need our financial support. The list is endless with all the opportunities to serve. But where do we draw the line? When is enough, enough?

This is why whenever we feel all our obligations are taken care of for the moment we thank God for the privilege and opportunity of serving. Though God is unlimited in His resources, our faith and resources are substantially smaller. We have learned not to overextend our self and trust that God will give us the wisdom to select our opportunities for service without destroying what He has already built.

Whenever our heart disturbs us, we then deal with the issues. But if our heart doesn’t disturb us, then we pray thanking our Lord for allowing us to serve Him in our small capacity. We have come to learn that service doesn’t have to be a national or community project to pay dividends. The best return of our money and time has come in small events where someone personally has benefited from God’s grace.  As His disciple, we are thankful for His grace and mercy. Because of it, we gladly work to fulfill all our responsibilities in Christ and allow room for those extra situations when the Lord works through us to make a difference in the life of another.




Our Awesome Dad, you are our reason for living and breathing. You have given us life and the power to create. Like yourself, you have given us the ability to freely choose our paths in life. You have given us every tool at our disposal to live a productive and rewarding life. Thank you for your generosity and graciousness.

Yet we need your wisdom, strength, and character to proceed in life. There are days when we feel beaten, discouraged, and dismayed at our situation. Yet we wait on you and you deliver us in your typical, low-key manner. You are always with us and want us to be successful in everything we do for your glory. We thank you for the opportunity. But we need your help to succeed.

You have taught us that money is not the answer. You have taught us that power, status, fame, and whatever is also not the answer. You have revealed to us that Jesus is the answer that we need. Our problem is only asking the correct questions. Help us Dad to focus on the major issues and not waste time on the minor ones. Bless us with your riches: both spiritual and physical Let all our needs be taken care for and help us to enjoy even the finer moments of life. But also help us to give to others less fortunate than ourselves. You know who they are.  Thank you Jesus. Amen.

Yours In Christ,

Dr. Mike

Coach, Consultant, and Encourager

Author of Great Business Emulates a Good God
Portal: Be Radical…EnjoyLifeInChrist.com

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