The Answer Always Comes Back to Jesus

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The last command Jesus gave to His disciples prior to His ascension was to go and make disciples of all nations. How?  By baptizing them into the God Family and teaching them to obey His commandments. As a disciple of His in the twenty-first century, we have the same mission.  (You would think that after all these years we would have it figured out) Likewise, He assured us that He is always with us even until His physical return at the end of this age. Therefore, our instructions and mission is simple to go and do the same.

The question of course is how do we best perform this task? We may feel that a full time minister called to pastor a local congregation has an easier job of fulfilling this function than us who have to work a “real job” to support our livelihood. Or the full time missionary in Africa or India has a better opportunity than ourselves. The truth is we have our own small world where we make a influential difference for the kingdom of God. And it is in our personal world that we best fulfill our mission. We do not necessary have to switch careers or neighborhoods. We only have to open our eyes and ask our Lord to lead us to where the harvest is ready for labors.

We believe that the United States of America is in great need of missionary work. Though many people state a belief in God, how many lives truly have produced a transformed life that walking with God generates? As Americans, we may say we trust in God on our dollar bills, but our actions put more trust in our capitalistic and democratic system than a living God. Even the simple Truths of the Bible are misunderstood or disagreed among the majority of Christians. We have become a nation providing lip service to our Lord and a love service to our desires. We of all people on the planet earth should be most humbled and thankful for the blessing we receive for living in this great country. But are we?

Many of us grew up thinking that is was not our responsibility to make disciples of others. It was the “church” responsibility, not ours. Since then, many of us have repented and are awkwardly learning to express the love, life, and teachings of Jesus to anyone who has a moment to listen in need. Sooner or later, we all come to realize our need for a Savior, a Lord, a Teacher, and a Friend. Sooner or later, we all come to the place where we understand that the Answer is the living Jesus Christ. It’s only a question of time.



Our Gracious Dad, thank you for giving us Jesus, your Son. Thank you for giving us Jesus, the Word. Thank you for giving us Jesus, our Savior. Thank you for giving us Jesus, our Lord. Thank you for giving us Jesus, our Teacher. Thank you for giving us Jesus, our Friend.

It is in Jesus that you have come alive in our life. Through His life on earth, we have come to know more of what you are like. You have revealed yourself through Him. You have answered all of life’s important questions through Him. Help us always be ready with an answer when others ask. Help us always be a faithful ambassador of your Kingdom with others. Help us always point people to Christ so they may come to know you. You have given everything to Jesus. We thank you.

Help us to share all that we have come to know and learn with others. Help us to share you with others.  Let others also share you with us.  Thank you Jesus as we pray in your name. Amen.

Yours In Christ,

Dr. Mike

Coach, Consultant, and Encourager

Author of Great Business Emulates a Good God
Portal: Be Radical…


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