What is the Message of Jesus? (a belated reprint)


Preach what?  Whom?  How?  Where?  When?  Why?  Many of us struggle with the commercial culture of Christmas with the message of Jesus Christ.  A time when the world is reminded that God visited earth as a human with the distinct mission of sacrificing Himself and adopting all people everywhere so they may have the opportunity to live eternally without pain with the Creator.  A time that reminds us that earth’s King came and lived a life meandering with people of all types while teaching us about the government of God.  A time that reveals to us how the love of God is expressed in human form.

Also at this time there is great conflict with the commercialism of the season: a greater focus on gifts than on the Man; when we decorate our homes with festive lights and green leaves; a time when we celebrate everything but the real meaning of His message.  Countries break one day from war in the name of peace in honor of our King, but resume the killing for the rest of the year.  Somewhere, someplace, somehow, the Truth doesn’t equal reality.

Living in America you would think that everyone has heard about the gospel of Jesus.  Wrong.  We have heard something about Jesus, but have we really grasped the significance of His life.  Who He is?  What He accomplished?  What His plans include?  How we all fit in?  We find discussions with people who were raised Christian yet understand very little of the message of Jesus.  They repeat those cute bedtime stories that they were told as children, yet when it comes to integrating the stories, teachings, principles, commandments, and life of Jesus into a lifestyle of everyday living and relating with a living God, they look at us as some type of religious freak.

To live life with a passion and infatuation of God is unreal with most people.  To desire a living, loving, legacy with our Creator and Eternal Dad seems ridiculous with most people.  Yet, when people begin to see real disciples in action, they realize there is something different about that person.  There is a spirit of love, joy, and peace within that person no matter what the circumstances are in their life.  The person’s outlook and attitude in positive living reinforces the message of Jesus that the Kingdom of God now exists among people who are now called to be a part of the universal church of the living God.  Who has an ear to hear, let him hear.



Our Heavenly Dad, how thankful we are that your graciousness and mercy has touched our life.  Everything we enjoy, partake, and experience is only because of your awesome plan of salvation and redemption.

Help us Great God to live the life of Christ. Help us to share His message with those who are hurting, those who are without real freedom, and those who are searching for real meaning and purpose for life.  Help us to live the life of Christ.

Help us to live as you have initially created life to be lived.  Let us experience the real joy, love, and peace that abides with you.  Leave nothing out from our relationship.  Help us to be true to you and you to us.  Let your kingdom dominate our life.  Let Jesus be our focus in everything we do.  For it is in Jesus name we make this request. Amen.

Yours In Christ,

Dr. Mike

Coach, Consultant, and Encourager

Author of Great Business Emulates a Good God
Portal: Be Radical…EnjoyLifeInChrist.com


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