Wear Your Servant Crown Daily


When we study the life of Jesus, one of the characteristics that many find fascinating is His approach to dealing with Satan and sin.  He always proactively pushed sin away from Himself.  He never played with it.  He never entertained himself with it.  He never dwelled long on its “benefits.”  He simply dismissed it out of His life by quoting the Word which refocused His attention to the source of all His power and energy -His Heavenly Dad.

Maybe He had the experience of knowing the effects of Satan’s ways throughout history and knew the outcome of his craftiness.  One reason history so often repeats itself may be the characteristic of Satan doesn’t change.  His approach with dealing with mankind has been universally victorious the majority of the time so why change.  It worked back in the time of the Garden of Eden and it works now the same way.  He is the devil or adversary in our relationship with God.

Yet we always need to remind ourselves that strength as a people is found in Christ.  It is not found in keeping laws, principles, or rituals.  It is not necessary us knowing scriptures.  It is our desire and passion to keep focused on Jesus, on the work of the Holy Spirit, and the Source of everything good and perfect, our Heavenly Dad.  Jesus defeated Satan at Calvary.  He didn’t defeat Satan with deceit or cunning.  He didn’t defeat Satan with lustful power, prestige, or wealth.  He humbly sacrificed Himself in love for all people.

When confronted by our adversary, we are to draw near to God and He will draw near to us.  We are to flee from sin, not visit it.  We are to remind ourselves through scripture; Who is in control?  Who is our faith in?  Where does our hope lay?  and Where does our allegiance belong?  We are not to drag our feet, shuffle our toes, or gaze into the sky looking for an excuse to sin.  We are to nip it at the bud.  Fling it away.  Run away.  Keep it away.

Remember Job’s life.  It’s possible that Satan could make your physical world miserable.  He specializes in it.  He could even destroy our body.  But he can’t destroy our soul.  We have a crown.  Wear it daily.  We are brothers and sisters of the King of Kings.  Satan knows that and wants us to forget it and live our life separate from our King.  But no matter what the Rebellious one does to us, he only does with permission from our heavenly Dad.  Satan is limited in His authority.  And God has a special plan for us in His project of redemption.  If He allows Satan to work us over for a time, it’s only for our good.  Trust Him.  Ask Him for the strength and endurance to survive whatever Satan throws our way.  Our Lord will protect us as long as we walk with Him.  Listen to Him in our prayers.  Watch His work in the people around us.  Enjoy His creation.  And pray for daily deliverance from temptation and sin.  He always provides a way of escape for us.

As a disciple of His, we will encounter Satan in our life.  But Jesus is King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  Satan may be a rebellious character, but God knows how to handle Him.  We simply need to put our faith and trust in the living God.  Don’t hesitate when confronted by evil, sin, or our adversary.  Be proactive in the faith.  Be vigilant in our relationship with God.  Remember, we are children of the living God.  Act accordingly.



Our Righteous Dad, thank you for victory.  It is difficult at times to deal with the problems and inconveniences that this life has to offer.  But it is encouraging to know that Jesus lived His life victoriously for us.  Help us to live a proactive life in the faith against sin and against Satan.  Help us to focus our energy in service for others.  Help us live a life as an extremely passionate disciple of Christ.  Bless those who bless you with all your abundance.  Bless those who don’t know you with your Truth.  Bless us all.

Yours In Christ,

Dr. Mike

Consultant, Coach, and Encourager

Author of Great Business Emulates a Good God

One thought on “Wear Your Servant Crown Daily

  1. Dr. Mike,

    Thank you for your wonderful post. It has reinforced what I am concentrating on in one of my studies. We cannot hear too often that our strength in defeating temptation and sin comes from Christ.


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