What Is Wrong with Work?


What is wrong with good, old-fashion work?  When we mix work with solid faith, godly values, and diligent application, doesn’t work become the creative expression of oneself?  When we remove the exterior facade of status, importance, or prestige, are we not left with the outer expression of our inner character?  Since our character is revealed through our choices and actions, isn’t the real us manifested through crisis on the job and through conflict with others?  Isn’t it a fact that the real us is showcased through the challenges and responsibilities we face each and every day?

All this begs the question, what does your work express about you?  Is the fruit of the Holy Spirit manifested in our most challenging moments?  Or do we crumble because our life is built on shifting sand(not the solid rock of Jesus Christ)?  Have you ever noticed that work is our test for the day?  Doesn’t how we handle the decisions between personal gains versus outward service to others reveal what is truly in our heart?  God notices.  We may be disappointed many times throughout the day for not living up to His standards, but God notices.  He knows what we are made like.  He knows our strengths and weaknesses.  He allows us each day to face the challenges so we discover how much we need Him.  Over time He chisels at the blemishes in our lives until one day they are gone.  Then we realize the glory and honor goes to Him for the new masterpiece He is creating in us.

Each and every day we keep plowing forward moving towards the personal goals in our lives yet ready to deviate from them upon the Lord’s assignment for that day.  Each day we go about our normal routine until the Lord tugs at our heart.  Then we respond faithfully, sometimes reluctantly, to His lead.  Each day we surrender ourselves to Him.  We may have personal plans, objectives, and desires that we are working towards to turn into reality, but the real mission of other daily life is to serve our Lord and Master.  We are His disciples first.  Our work is to serve Him first and last every day.  Our relationship is built on trust, faith, and hope.  Our walk is surrounded with His love and passion for life. He is the real reason we work.

Our work will only stop when our life stops, when we are laid to rest.  Afterward, we wait for the resurrection when our body puts on immortality and the testing is behind us.  That is when the real work begins.  It is then our Lord will give us an assignment that will be one hundred percent fulfilling in service to others, to self, and to God.  Today, we serve faithfully waiting for our next assignment.  Tomorrow, we will serve faithfully waiting for our next assignment.  In eternity, we will also serve faithfully, waiting for our next assignment.  It all comes together with good, old-fashion work.



Our Faithful, Wonderful, Heavenly Dad, thank you for your gift of work.  Thank you for giving us the ability and talent to exercise them for the benefit of others.  Thank you for giving us a mind and spirit to express ourselves and to find fulfillment in the work we produce.  Thank you for sharing your life with us.

Help us to be successful in our work for your glory.  Help us to share that success with our families, friends, and community.  Let that community be more than our local neighborhood.  Help us to reach out and discover those people struggling with their situations.  Help us have the wisdom and resources to assist them on the road to recovery.  Help us take the opportunity to preach the gospel of Jesus through our actions to all that has an eye to see.  Let the work of our hands, mind, and body be service to you.  Let your Spirit be exemplified through our work.  Jesus we thank you.  Amen.

Yours In Christ,

Dr. Mike

Consultant,Coach, and Encourager

Author of Great Business Emulates a Good God

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