Does God Really, Really, Really Loves Us?


Adam and Eve were naked and not ashamed (Gen.2:25).  Have you ever wondered why?  Was it because they lived in a world apart from sin until they placed their selfish desires before obedience to their Creator?  Wasn’t it only after they sinned did they realize that they were naked and ashamed of it?  Then they tried hiding from God(Gen.3:8).  Hasn’t mankind been trying to hide from God ever since?

Generally speaking. don’t we hide from God because we feel no worth to Him?  Don’t we hide from God because we cannot live up to His expectations?  Don’t we hide from God because we are ashamed of what we truly are?

Could we argue that shame comes because of our fears, guilt, and pride?  Or in other words, isn’t shame the result of sin?  Sin, in this case, being defined as living life without faithful trust in our Lord (Rm.14:23) and/or without love.

As a disciple of His we are thankful that the sacrifice of Jesus Christ cleans us of our sins.  That through His life, sacrifice and resurrection, we have been given a new life built on godly hope. faith and love (I Cor 13: 13).  We have no more fear of punishment because perfect love replaces fear (I Jn 4: 18).  We have no more guilt because the blood of Jesus removes the eternal penalty of sin.  And we have no more pride of life, because we have been made empty and refilled with Him.

We are the unashamed because we are the children of the Living God.  We do not live in shame anymore, but live in the glory of our Creator.  We do not play with sin anymore, instead we repent of it.  We do not hide from our sins anymore, but instead we confess them.  Sin is not our master anymore; instead we are bond-servants and slaves of Jesus Christ.  And as servants of Jesus, we are free from the eternal penalty that sin produces.  We are not ashamed anymore of who or what we are.  We have been purchased by the blood of Jesus Christ.  Our heavenly Dad has invested the entire universe with its spiritual powers to protect and provide for our safe journey through this life until we meet Him in His Heavenly Domain.  We have been given a new life now and will receive a spiritual life for all eternity. What do we have to be ashamed of?



Our Heavenly Dad, we can never repay you for all that you have done for us.  You have given us the tools to live life with real abundance.  You have taught us and are teaching us how to live in active faith with love our central focus.  You have changed us.  You have surrounded us with your arms of compassion.  You have expressed your love to us each and every day.  Though circumstances and events may occur that causes pain and suffering, we know that you are there to strengthen us and to help us walk victorious.  Help us to eradicate the sins that so easily befall us.  Help us see the evil and pain of what sin does in our life and the life of those around us.  Help us be a light to those who don’t know you; someone who you can be pleased with each and every day.  Thank you for sharing your plan of salvation with us.  Help us share it effectively with others when the time comes.  Everything we are and have that is good and of value has come from you.  Thank you.  And thank you Jesus for your awesome love and sacrifice.  For in your name and authority we ask and pray this.  Amen.

Yours In Christ,

Dr. Mike

Consultant,Coach, and Encourager

Author of Great Business Emulates a Good God

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