Are We Not His Masterpiece?

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In Jesus’ day, the Pharisees believed they were the righteous people known by God and everyone else rejected by God.  Jesus would illustrate many a parable to them drawing comparisons from everyday life contrary to their opinion.  In addition He would even illustrate where people performed miracles and works in His name but He didn’t even know them.

Can you confidently say to yourself that Jesus will have no problem recognizing you as His brother or sister when He returns?  Or is there some hesitancy?  Paul warned of being overconfident in our relationship with God.  He stated (1 Cor. 10:12) that we should be careful unless we likewise fall from His Grace.

Frankly, isn’t our hope that He recognizes us not because of our accomplishments or works, not because of our yielding attitude and trustworthy relationship built over time, but because of who He is.  If He is looking for us because of our accomplishments, then most of us may as well forget eternity.  Our best efforts probably haven’t generated much of a return.  Even in our relationship we may question our honesty and faithfulness.  How many times have we failed Him?  Like Peter during Jesus’ ministry, we may jump into activities with great faith only to have Him pull us to dry land.  Or we deny Him with our actions even when we know better.  Oh, how great is His Grace!

What we hope He sees in us is a reflection of Himself and our Dad.  We hope that He sees the spiritual masterpiece that He is creating and not what we have thrown together.  As we mature, it doesn’t become any easier for us to deny our self and allow Jesus through the Holy Spirit to have full access into our inner sanctuary.  Yet, isn’t it our heart, attitude, and soul that He is changing?  Oh saturate us Holy Spirit and change our heart to conform to Your will!

As a disciple of His we long to become like our Lord & King.  We may have an image of what that is, but over time doesn’t it change?  The Jesus that we knew yesterday is not the same Jesus we know today.  Isn’t He even greater?  Likewise, the Jesus that we know tomorrow, will he be more than the Jesus we know today?  Isn’t it an everyday process of search and discovery.  But isn’t this the one process that we are committed to living each and every day?  What else is more fulfilling than living a spirit led life rooted in Jesus Christ for the glory of God?  Can we agree like many others before us, that we have tried it all and nothing compares with it?



Our loving Dad, thank you for starting the task of producing a new creation within us.  Thank you for not allowing us to quit when we felt like quitting.  Thank you for being committed to our success.  Thank you for revealing to us what real success is all about.

Help us always to focus on your plans and work.  Let us not measure our success with our neighbors.  Instead, let us be thankful that you have uniquely designed us, gifted us, and disciplined us for your sake, for others, and for our self.  That you are preparing us for eternity for a special assignment that only you know for sure.  Help us always to trust you no matter what the circumstances or situation.  Let your faith, love, and hope always precede us.  We thank you Jesus and ask all this in your name.  Amen.

Yours In Christ,

Dr. Mike

Consultant,Coach, and Encourager

Author of Great Business Emulates a Good God


2 thoughts on “Are We Not His Masterpiece?

  1. This is a really great post and so true. Loving Christ truly is an adventure, each day is new and we get to see a new aspect of just how holy and glorious our Father truly is. I read a quote the other day that has stuck with me – “Isn’t it great to worship a God that we cannot exaggerate?” Thanks for sharing. Have a great day!

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