Because I Can

“I can do all things through him who strengthens me.”
Philippians 4:13 ESV

This morning I biked approximately twenty miles. When asked why I do it, my reply is simply, “because I can.” My wife mowed the lawn this past week. When our neighbors asked how come I don’t do it or hire it out, my reply is simply, “because she can.” When you asked my friend Frank, a paraplegic, why he rides his motorized wheel chair from his apartment to the local tavern (approximately 1 mile) for a beer, his reply is simply “because I can.”
Now someone else asked me the other day how come I don’t play professional racquetball. My reply, because I can’t. Time has passed up the season when I would have been able. Today, I simply play for pleasure; “because I can.”
A couple of weeks ago, a friend was involved in an auto accident. He was riding a motorbike perfectly following traffic regulations, wearing a helmet, and only one mile from his home when a person drove her car through an intersection and turned right into him. She claimed she didn’t see him. After multiple surgeries, the medical team believes he will walk again. However, the physical rehab is going to be long and strenuous. There is much he will miss this year – and in many cases his “because I can” opportunities will be limited. Yet as he states, there are things he will continue to do “because he can.”
As Christ-followers, we are blessed with the living God residing in us. As we desist and He increases, our faith, trust, and hope in Him is strengthen. We find ourselves listening more to his instructions and directions. We develop confidence in Him and look forward to the opportunities of living life for His glory. Every time we express a godly attribute, we recognize him more and more. Every time we accept a new challenge or take another adventurous journey with Him, our confidence and trust in Him becomes a force that breaks down fears, lies, and human pride. We find ourselves doing activities that are outside our normal sphere. When asked why, our reply is simply “because I can.”


prayer 5

Holy Father, Lord, and Spirit: thank you for calling us and giving us eternal life in Christ. Thank you for filling us with your Spirit. Thank you for giving us an attitude of “I can do all things in Christ.” Help us face the opportunities and challenges that life throws at us with a “because I can” attitude. But let it not be our pride or lust or desires that lead us. Instead, help us to desist and allow you to fully express yourself in us. Let your glory shine in us. Let your Spirit lead us. Let your fruit abide and grow in us. Wherever we go and whatever we do help us face life’s obstacles and roadblocks in Christ. Help us to come to know you and your life and your purposes. Let our expectations be your expectations. Help us not fool ourselves and blind ourselves. Instead help us always focus on you and your work in us. For it is only in you and through you and by you that we can say, “because I can.”

Yours In Christ,

Dr. Mike

Consultant, Coach, Encourager
Author of Great Business Emulates A Good God

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One thought on “Because I Can

  1. Loved this simple but incredible message, one thing I thought is when we ask God why, and his reply simply should have to be nothing more than “because I can.” He his God, his plan is better than ours, he knows us better than ourselves, he gives and takes, he does whatever he pleases.
    Psalm 115:3 – “Our God is in the heavens, he does all that he pleases” (ESV). Life is so much easier when we accept that God is God.

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