So You Are Spiritual…Great, Whose Spirit Do You Follow?

One of the most often cultural feedback’s I get now-a-days from those who are seeking God is “I’m not into religion; I’m into spirituality.” When that phrase comes at me look out, I get overly excited. Excited because either the Spirit is working in the mind of the person who communicates that message to me or excited because I have just met someone who understands the limitations of religion and may be open to something much greater.

My first reply is generally a question that goes something like this: “great, so am I; tell me, whose Spirit do you follow?”
Depending on the reply, we have multiple options to choose in the process of developing a relationship with a future adoptive child of God. Generally, we get several different types of responses. We may get anything from “I follow Jesus Christ through the leadership of the Holy Spirit” to “I study the movement of the stars in relationship with my pet snake under a red moon.” Most often the comments come somewhere in between Yet it allows me to start building a relationship that opens an avenue to witness Christ and His Spirit with others.
Also, when over time one learns how to translate scriptures into a modern, practical, everyday message, it allows one to share the gospel in a multitude of non-religious means. For example, when others are open to the spiritual world, it is easier to explain the importance of being influenced by the most powerful Spirit rather than accept any spirit. This is where it is fun to share one’s life that has been transformed from the inside-out by the Holy Spirit and allow the real love, joy, and peace that comes from such a heavenly relationship touch those whom you have a bond in place. By isolating which spirit the other person is attuned too, allows one to boast of the real fruit that the Holy Spirit generates through the Body of Christ. As a believer and faith monger, we all have stories and examples to share of people who have made the transition from a dead spirit to a living, Godly Spirit.

So next time someone says that they are into spirituality, jump at the chance to share with them your walk with the best Spirit of them all: the Holy Spirit.



Holy Spirit, Holy Lord, and Holy Father – thank you for your consistent involvement in our life. Thank you for your pursuit of us and your desire to abide in us. Help us to share you with others. Help us with witnessing to others and if necessary, help us with the proper words to use. Let you love and joy express itself through us. Help us to desist and you to engage the people we come into contact with each and every day. Let everything we do glorify you and your work in the world today. Amen.

Yours In Christ,

Dr. Mike

Consultant, Coach, Encourager
Author of Great Business Emulates A Good God

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