Witchcraft in the Marketplace

Most of the time when we speak about witchcraft we think of potions, wands, and black pointed hats worn by ugly women with a bitter facial expression. We may recall witches from such movies as “Harry Potter and ….” or “Wizard of Oz.” For most of us, witches are a make believe fantasy. Yet, God’s word strongly recommends us to stay away from them (Deut 18:10). Are they for real or have witches gone away along with the devil in red underwear and pitchfork?

The Bible most often uses the word sorcerer or sorceress to identify people who practice black magic or wizardry. They are people who practice the art of dark magic, creating harmful illusions, or playing with ungodly spirits that point others away from trusting the Triune God. There base of operation is built on falsehood. The Bible gives unpleasant examples of sorcerers and their outcomes. There is Pharaoh & Moses (Ex7:11), Daniel & the Chaldean King (Dan 2:2), and Micah’s prophecy of the end times (Mic. 5:12). The Book of Revelations likewise mentions what becomes of sorcerers at the end of the age (Rev 22:15).

What does sorcery look like in the marketplace? It comes in many forms but here are a few examples: 1) The illusion of success typically built on the back of others (picture of a 20 story office building on a brochure as the corporate office when in reality one has only 500 SF rented space in the building). 2) The distorted numbers of monthly reports(government inflation and unemployment numbers is a good example). 3) Keeping two sets of books (One that the public sees and the other telling the true picture [Enron]). 4) Building a business organization through a Ponzi scheme. Typical in an investment community where new money must be attained to distribute to the earlier players. (examples too many to mention.) 5) Portraying the ideal through media and advertisement. (eg. glamor magazine touch-ups). 6) Happiness through materialism (name your favorite product). 7) Dress for success (focus on form rather than substance). 8) Lies in Advertisement (we see this come alive in political campaigns). The list is endless.

What witchcraft sells is falsehood. Witchcraft denies accountability to a Final Judge. It removes God from the picture, and pushes for personal agendas no matter what the cost or price. It typically places the outcome and means more important than people, truth, and God’s sovereign plan. In the end, it is a lie that eventually hurts and destroys individuals, families, and institutions. It is generally self-centered and does not take into consideration the ramifications and impact into the lives of others. It prevents people from having a truly authentic relationship with God and others. It destroys character, damages eternal values, and ruins lives in the process. As faith-builders in the marketplace, we are called to restore God’s Kingdom reign in the businesses we own, manage, and work in. It begins with one person’s commitment to follow the lead of the Holy Spirit within the marketplace. It begins with you and me.

So next time when you see witchcraft within the workplace, call it out. Provide a better solution that is built on godly principles of honesty, truth, and authenticity. Your clients, supervisors, and peers may disagree with you, but at least you have taken a stand for Christ and those around you. In the end, your example may lead others along with you toward the real promise land.



Holy Father, Holy Lord, Holy Spirit – thank you for revealing your truth to us. Thank you for giving us the scriptures to read, study, and learn about you and your ways. Help us to place into practice your righteousness. Help us to glorify you in the marketplace. Help us to glorify you in our relationships. Help us to glorify you with our words, thoughts, and actions. Help us be a beacon for you in the marketplace. Help us to restore the marketplace under your sovereignty. Help us.

Yours In Christ,

Dr. Mike

Consultant, Coach, Encourager
Author of Great Business Emulates A Good God

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