Finished. Done. Now What?

2 Corinthians 5:20

…be reconciled to God.

Ephesians 5:1

…be imitators of God, as beloved children.

Religion is man’s attempt to appease their god. They desire to obtain favor today and reserve a place in heaven tomorrow when their human life is over. The rituals, rules, and observations are designed to make one feel good about one’s effort to be righteous before their god. The “to do list” of religious practices are as short or as long as the community one participates in.

Christianity, many times, is erroneously categorized or practiced in a similar manner. Yet, when one reads the New Testament one realizes Jesus Christ truly turned the entire world right side up with a new paradigm of salvation. Salvation is not something you and I need to do, but something to be. Salvation is a relationship with the living God.

We all like to think we are good because we occasionally do good things for others. And we think because we are good, we have a place reserved for us in heaven. Sure, we may at times mess up, but 51% of the time, we do more good than bad. Thus, we justifiably have earned the right to be in heaven. This is what many people incorrectly believe what the Bible teaches.   

But nowhere in the Bible does it say good people will go to heaven. Instead, Jesus spoke about repentant sinners entering His kingdom before the righteous Pharisee. The apostle Paul writes in Romans that no one is righteous before God, all have sinned, and none are good before God (Rm. 3:10,23).

What saves you is not your good deeds, but a God-Man. He took on human flesh and lived a perfect life without sin. He sacrificed himself on behalf of all humanity to restore our relationship with God Almighty. The fact is Jesus Christ lived a vicarious life for you and me. So now we have direct contact with the Divine. We are adopted into the inner circle of the Triune God.

Jesus Christ saved you and me. Past tense. Done. Finished.

But what does that mean for you and me now? Glad you asked.

Paul writes that we are now to “be reconciled to God.” And again, “be imitators of God as beloved children.”  Being already saved by Jesus Christ, we are now to focus our entire being to walk with God, to be one with Him, and to imitate Him in our dealings with each other.

Like children playing grownup, we are to put on His garments and act and behave in similar ways. We are to make His values and viewpoint ours. Like the disciples of their rabbi, we watch, observe, discuss and ponder with Him whatever and wherever He invites us to participate with Him. We are His student, His sibling, His bond-servant. We are to develop a personal, meaningful relationship with Him.

We are to grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ (2 Pt. 3:18). It is coming to have so much faith in Him, your life explodes with His character and His Spirit being fully expressed through you for the sake of others. Your worldview becomes centered around the Triune God and His work. Life becomes a love adventure. God’s love overflows within you and you cannot help share His love with everyone you meet.

Yes, Jesus did the impossible for you and me. So now, through Him and in Him and for Him, He has equipped and empowered us to be free to do the same for each other.

Rooting For You in Christ!

Dr. Mike

Encourager, Faith-Integrator, Scribbler

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2 thoughts on “Finished. Done. Now What?

  1. Dr. Mike,
    I thought you posted an exceptional piece here. I’ve posted it to my Facebook page. I hope you have a blessed Resurrection weekend. Betsy Borchardt

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