Christmas: Dual Citizenship

Philippians 3:20

But our citizenship is in heaven, and from it we await a Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, (ESV)

Yes, Israel’s Messiah, Humanity’s Savior, and Earth’s King has arrived. God’s commitment from the beginning of time arrived unto the world stage revealed through one Man – Jesus Christ. The Christmas story portrays heaven’s royalty in humbling surroundings. Yes, the narrative highlights God’s values toward people.

If you and I produced a worldly version of such a movie, it would be with great pompous celebration with no limited expense. For those who can recall, it would make the year 2000 worldwide New Year’s celebration a total dud. But God does real life stories with eternal values being highlighted. The end result is a taste of God’s character on full display. Jesus’ birth, life, and ascension into heaven is a prime example.

Jesus’ arrival on earth came within a “blue collar” family under the religious law where his mother and him (in the womb) could have been stone to death (from the beginning of conception, HE lived a life constantly threaten by outside political & religious forces). Thereafter he lived for some thirty plus years under the worldly religious title of “bastard”. Joseph wasn’t his biological father but accepted him as his son. His entire life was lived out among the people and not within royal gates. Yet after fulfilling his earthly mission by defeating Satan’s rule, laying the foundation for an earthly Church, and providing the means for unifying humanity under HIS authority as Earth’s new King, HE ascended into heaven to await the completion of all things prior to HIS scheduled return.

Yes, our King Jesus has granted us citizenship into HIS Kingdom. As citizens, we have all rights and privileges granted by HIM as outlined throughout the written gospels and letters collected together within the pages of the Bible. The apostle Paul refers us as ambassadors on behalf of Christ. We represent for those around us Jesus Christ’s government – the Kingdom of God.  For most of us, we have a dual citizenship. Our allegiance is first to Christ, then to our local government. Yes, we give the government the things that are theirs, and God the things that are HIS (Mark 12:17).

Christmas is about the stage entrance of heaven and earth’s final King. One day HE will plant his throne in the new Jerusalem and govern all nations and tribes. Those around HIM will have been proven through life’s tests to be faithful and competent in service to HIM and HIS subjects. Until then, we wait with patience being HIS ambassadors to a rebellious world lost in their ignorance of HIS Incarnation and macro mission for humanity. Christmas is a reminder to the world that their future King has arrived.

Merry Christmas!!    


Rooting For You in Christ!

Dr. Mike

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