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John 8:32

and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

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Some people, if not many, operate from a base of feelings. They use their feelings to measure and evaluate the circumstances they are in. They believe their feelings are accurate and reflect reality at the moment. Yet scientists recognize feelings in many cases are deceitful.

We may incorrectly witness a situation which causes us to misread the event and fling our mind and body into unnecessary fear mode. Or we may likewise see something which we interpret as pleasant and smile at the situation not realizing that a most horrific event just occurred. If we evaluate and discern reality solely through the filter of feelings, we of most people will be walking in a state of mental confusion.

I recall once consulting with the President of a national company asking questions to determine his style of leadership and management. His answers initially shocked me but gave us the direction of the type of facts we needed to gather to either confirm or deny his statements. After collecting data, facts, and survey results, our hypothesis proved correct. His fear-mongering leadership style and managing operations based on feelings has led the company into a destructive position which required an outsider to provide solutions to help the Company survive. We did.

When you are ruled by your feelings, you may be correct fifty percent of the time simply from a probability perspective. However, if you want to be correct most of the time, then you need to filter your feelings with logic and reasoning built on evidential facts. And that requires a proven value system, a strong understanding of human history and its behavior, along with analysis of the situation. All these skills are available to be developed if one chooses.  

In addition, God has also given each of us a conscience to discern moral implications. But it needs to be exercised under HIS domain or over time will become harden into a destructive, blind, and ineffective instrument. Our conscience is God’s gift to us. When followed along with HIS words of Truth enlighten our decision-making abilities.

As we gather facts of the matter and weigh the facts against the event, we slowly develop the real picture of the situation. This is why it is dangerous to make quick decisions on a matter when it is not necessary. One needs to gather facts from all sides to properly determine what actually happen.

Our feelings may play a part of the equation, but most often they are only the warning bell. And like the story of the boy hollering “wolf” so often, basing one’s conclusion simply on feeling has led many of us down the wrong path. We need to filter those feelings against solid evidence. Otherwise, we will get into an ugly habit of being thrown from one wall against another based on our emotional roller coaster ride.

Feelings require facts and facts need emotional feeling. Both are necessary to properly evaluate reality and generate a proper response. When you study the life of Jesus as displayed throughout the gospel accounts, one finds a person who balanced facts with feelings and feelings with facts. He demonstrated the healthy and effective way of managing the human relationship. Let’s use HIM as our role model to learn the best way of filtering our feelings. When you learn from the best, you gain the most.

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