Freedom Requires Moral Discipline

1 Corinthians 15:33

Do not be deceived: “Bad company ruins good morals.”

Moral discipline is the fuel for real freedom. Without moral discipline, freedom requires an overdose of law, attorneys, courts, large governments, and manpower for enforcement. As a nation accepts a higher level of moral discipline, justice becomes a historical relic of the past.

Moral discipline starts with an internal fortitude built upon a foundation of personal responsibility and acceptance of a higher Authority. The fact is nations whose governments are built upon Judaeo-Christian values experience a greater level of security, peace, and flourishment than others.

Real freedom is where people can speak their minds without fear of physical repercussion: a fruit of the people who appreciate and never take for granted the alternatives.

Real freedom is where people can choose their livelihood built upon their natural talents and abilities; these rights are quickly suppressed under nations whose governments dictate what is best for the people.

Real freedom is where people can worship the God of their choice without fear of penalty or job loss; again, a privilege which is typically forbidden under dictatorships and power elites.

Real freedom is where parents may have as large a family as they choose; another choice which  is lost amount countries whose governments plan the social structure of their nation.

To be free requires self-control and respect of others. The moral framework is developed through the teaching of parents and educators who understand the importance of character building and the instruction of best values. Ungodly people poo-poo the Bible yet the book shares experiences of multiple people throughout history and the chose and decisions they made. These outcomes highlight various values which allowed people to flourish and other values which destroyed nations. History repeats itself because human nature has the tenancy to do the same, stupid behavior over and over again. The names and places may be different, but the outcome is always the same.

The constant battle to forgo our harmful behavior becomes greater when the people we hang around with are pulling us away from doing the good. You may think of yourself as a “good person.” But when you are around bad company, why do you end up regretting your actions or words? To develop and maintain a solid foundation of moral character and the exercise of it requires an extreme amount of self-control. Most of us fall far short of what it takes. The solution?

It starts with surrendering ourselves to a higher power. His name is Jesus Christ. Under His tutelage, you will gain knowledge, understanding, and wisdom which leads to a more productive and flourishing life. He will empower you with His Spirit. The same Spirit that is working to transform lives into the divine image of your Maker. The fruit of Him living in you will give you the self-control and other tools to live out a moral, disciplined life. As you walk it out with Him, you will find yourself experiencing life the way God created you to enjoy.

A good God with good friends will help you build good morals; and good morals will lead you toward a more fulfilling life with real freedom.  Yes, its that simple, but not easy. It all begins when God is the real center of your life.   

Rooting For You in Christ!

Dr. Mike

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The Benefit of Capitalism

Isaiah 48:17 ESV.
Thus says the Lord, your Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel: “I am the Lord your God, who teaches you to profit, who leads you in the way you should go.

Capitalism is simply an economic system that allows people who own something to trade with others without outside interference. The decision whether to buy or sell is between both parties. Each party owns something and exchanges the item at a price mutually acceptable by the other. There are no outside influences who have final say of the matter.

Today’s garage sale is a good example of a capitalistic system in action. The homeowner owns used clothes, toys, and tools that they no longer need. However, the items may still be valuable to someone else. Therefore,  they advertise in the weekly paper and hold an one day sales event selling their wares at the best price. In many cases, people negotiate a price acceptable for both sides.

Pure capitalism is rare. Most places where capitalism thrives, the government creates laws to allow it and the moral fiber of the people police it. The freedom it allows creates an environment for opportunity to be rewarded but also the naive and innocent to be harmed. The fruit of capitalism is generally a byproduct of the heart of its people.

With capitalism someone owns property or an idea and has the right to convert it into monetary results in exchange for services or products for the benefit of others. When people generally oppose capitalism, they most often are blaming the heart and moral fiber of a person rather than the system. The same issue arises with violence and guns, overdoses and drugs, and a host of other harmful acts conducted by people against themselves or others.

In a free economy astute people understand that labor leads to savings, savings builds capital, capital allows investment into businesses and ideas, and businesses and ideas produce wealth. Everyone in a free economy has the opportunity to work, save, and invest for a wealthy lifestyle. However, many choose to bypass the savings/investment and jump into debt so they may experience the “good life” now. The result is slavery to a lender, one’s possessions, and a bleak future.

What needs to change for a people to flourish is a matter of the heart. This is a subject politicians avoid, greedy business people exploit, and religious hypocrites deny the real solution. When the hard heart of a person melts in the hands of their Creator, capitalism becomes the ideal human method to bring about human flourishing for all parties – rich, poor, male, female, educated and uneducated. When capitalism is built upon the solid foundation of God’s Grace and Truth, the person grows, the family is provided, and the community experiences the richness of our Creator’s wealth. A capitalistic system just makes it easier for you and your neighbor to enjoy more of the fruits of your labor.

So don’t blame capitalism for our problems and think a better system would be socialism or another ism. Instead, focus on the Source who made every good and profitable system in the universe today. Connect with Him and allow your roots to be fed and nourished through Him. You will come to experience the richness and Shalom of life within Him and through Him.

Rooting For You in Christ!

Dr. Mike

Encourager & Founder of
Vocational Leadership 360
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Real Freedom

“Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.” 2 Corinthians 3:17

Today is the fourth of July. A day that Americans celebrate their independence from Great Britain. A day this country became free from colonial rule. Now instead of taxation without representation, we have taxation with representation. Now instead of Boston tea parties, we have political tea parties. Instead of a nation where people died for their freedom, we have a nation where people die because of their freedom. Yet real freedom is more than law, rule, or independence. Real freedom is a matter of the Spirit.

When people are slaves of an ungodly spirit, it may look like freedom at the start, but leads to a spirit of addiction, greed, and narcissism. Likewise when the spirit lives in fear of poverty, unemployment, war, crime, or political unrest, can one truly be free? When housing is stolen through slack governmental regulations, is that real freedom? When basic healthy food is limited by top prices for only the financial able, is that real freedom?

Where can one find real freedom?

The apostle Paul’s letter to the Corinthian faith-community addressed a similar situation. He wrote about the veil that blinds people’s eyes from experiencing real freedom. What opens that veil? Paul speaks plainly when he states that the veil is only lifted through Jesus Christ. That Jesus Christ is the central core of life. He connects heaven with earth. He reveals what life is all about. He is the reason for life. He is the answer from addiction, self-harm phobias, and distrustful relationships. He is the author of freedom, lives freely, and shares His freedom.

His Spirit travels along with the Father’s Spirit via the Holy Spirit. This is the Triune God. Real freedom is found living within the Triune God circle. When we died to the self by surrendering to the King; we were spiritually re-born in Christ (Jn. 3:3-8). A new life began. A new creation started (2 Corinthians 5:17). A life that merges our personality and soul with the Spirit of the living God. A marriage between heaven and earth (Rev.21:1-5). The adoption into the family of God (Eph. 1:5). Included in this relationship is the joy of freedom.

Yes, real freedom is found only in Jesus Christ; not in a religion, crusade, nor great cause. So if you haven’t experienced real freedom yet, maybe it is time to do business with the Lord. Ask him, seek him, and knock on the door that he presents. He will lead you to experience the freedom that comes through an intimate relationship with Himself. He has been doing it for almost 2,000 years with a long list of testimonials. So unless you truly don’t want to be free, why not today? It is a great day to celebrate freedom.


prayer 5

Our real Father, Son, and Spirit: thank you for everything you have shown us. Thank you for creating a new person from our brokenness. Help us to truly experience your freedom. Whatever we are currently enslaved with, help us break the chains. Shower upon us your grace. Help us to celebrate your freedom that lives in us. In everything we do, let us share your freedom with others. We glorify your name, your freedom, your Kingdom. For now and forever. Amen.

Yours In Christ,

Dr. Mike

Consultant, Coach, Encourager
Author of Great Business Emulates A Good God

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