The Benefit of Capitalism

Isaiah 48:17 ESV.
Thus says the Lord, your Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel: “I am the Lord your God, who teaches you to profit, who leads you in the way you should go.

Capitalism is simply an economic system that allows people who own something to trade with others without outside interference. The decision whether to buy or sell is between both parties. Each party owns something and exchanges the item at a price mutually acceptable by the other. There are no outside influences who have final say of the matter.

Today’s garage sale is a good example of a capitalistic system in action. The homeowner owns used clothes, toys, and tools that they no longer need. However, the items may still be valuable to someone else. Therefore,  they advertise in the weekly paper and hold an one day sales event selling their wares at the best price. In many cases, people negotiate a price acceptable for both sides.

Pure capitalism is rare. Most places where capitalism thrives, the government creates laws to allow it and the moral fiber of the people police it. The freedom it allows creates an environment for opportunity to be rewarded but also the naive and innocent to be harmed. The fruit of capitalism is generally a byproduct of the heart of its people.

With capitalism someone owns property or an idea and has the right to convert it into monetary results in exchange for services or products for the benefit of others. When people generally oppose capitalism, they most often are blaming the heart and moral fiber of a person rather than the system. The same issue arises with violence and guns, overdoses and drugs, and a host of other harmful acts conducted by people against themselves or others.

In a free economy astute people understand that labor leads to savings, savings builds capital, capital allows investment into businesses and ideas, and businesses and ideas produce wealth. Everyone in a free economy has the opportunity to work, save, and invest for a wealthy lifestyle. However, many choose to bypass the savings/investment and jump into debt so they may experience the “good life” now. The result is slavery to a lender, one’s possessions, and a bleak future.

What needs to change for a people to flourish is a matter of the heart. This is a subject politicians avoid, greedy business people exploit, and religious hypocrites deny the real solution. When the hard heart of a person melts in the hands of their Creator, capitalism becomes the ideal human method to bring about human flourishing for all parties – rich, poor, male, female, educated and uneducated. When capitalism is built upon the solid foundation of God’s Grace and Truth, the person grows, the family is provided, and the community experiences the richness of our Creator’s wealth. A capitalistic system just makes it easier for you and your neighbor to enjoy more of the fruits of your labor.

So don’t blame capitalism for our problems and think a better system would be socialism or another ism. Instead, focus on the Source who made every good and profitable system in the universe today. Connect with Him and allow your roots to be fed and nourished through Him. You will come to experience the richness and Shalom of life within Him and through Him.

Rooting For You in Christ!

Dr. Mike

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Living Dangerously with Integrity

“Better is a poor man who walks in his integrity than a rich man who is crooked in his ways.” Proverbs 28:6 ESV

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In business, the temptation to earn a buck sometimes blinds us to the godly action required at the moment.

I remember one businessman who admitted to having a poor long-term memory. He had difficulty remembering events and situations after several days. His remedy? He always spoke the truth and dealt honestly with every decision he had to make. His reason? If he needed to recall what he did in any situation, he would only ask himself “what was the right thing to do?” And that would lead him to what he did. He learned to live with integrity in all his business dealings and slept very good at night. And yes, he was very successful in his business.

Another business man who finally reached a point where he could start growing his market share had difficulty in developing an advertising program that would properly brand his operation. Most of the recommendations given to him was based on image and not what his core business was all about. Then one person asked him what was his primary core value that he would emphasize with all his customers and employees. The answer: integrity. Thereafter, the successful idea led him to tripling his business. Wherever you looked, his brand was simply integrity. And he lived up to his word. He guaranteed his service. He would refund money without question. He would keep his word even if it hurts. He walk the talk.

The enemy of integrity is pragmatism. Pragmatism is simply the philosophy that whatever works is good at the end. It is situational ethics without a standard. It is focused on outcome rather than the process. It may produce short-term favorable results, but the long term ramifications are most often very unfavorable.

If you are a person of integrity, let your customers, employees, and vendors know. Not with words, but through actions. In today’s marketplace, integrity is a marketing niche that many people gravitate towards. In fact, people who champion integrity, attract other like-minded people. Those without integrity will try to take advantage of you at first. And it may cost you a few dollars in the process. But after you refrain from doing business with them, they may change their way; for money has a way of changing a person’s behavior. It may not be the Kingdom of God for them yet, but at least they can see it in action.

Meanwhile, imagine what a room full of highly motivated people with integrity could do? Wouldn’t it be fun to operate a business and find out? Some may call that dangerous living. I call it simply being radical in Christ.

We are rooting for you!

Yours in Christ,

Dr. Mike

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