What is Your Commitment Level?

commitment 4

What other pragmatic choices are there that make more sense?  If eternity is a one out of one hundred chance probability, would you still hang in there?  Everything in this life is temporary.  You came into the world naked and you might as well leave naked because you can’t take anything with you.  Is there a better life with a greater promise?  As his disciple, we put our faith in the man who claims He is God.  If He isn’t God, then He put on the greatest acting performance of any person who ever lived.  It would be the greatest lie of all history.  But, He made it possible to prove He is who He said He is.  Where else is there to go’?

Martin Luther King, Jr. made the statement once that if you haven’t found something worth dying for than you haven’t found something worth living for.  If being a disciple is only for outward appearance, than you might as well give up now. If being a disciple is only to keep peace in the house, than you might as well give up now.  If being a disciple is only a socially cultural acceptable position of life, than you might as well give up today.  Why?  Because you are not going to practice the discipline it takes to finish the race.

It takes character to keep Christ the center of one’s life.  What gain is it to run only 95 yards of a 100-yard race?  What gain is it to play only one inning of a nine-inning baseball game?  What gain is it to read only two-thirds through a mystery book and never finish it?  Why even begin a project if you don’t plan to finish it?

As a disciple of His, we have started a journey along a path with many choices.  The road is narrow at times.  The environment is difficult.  But the rewards are monetarily priceless.  After you have tasted the joy of living in the spirit-filled life, what else is there? Everything else seems cheap in comparison.  Everything else is either artificial or empty of substance.  It is only living in harmony with our Creator that we experience the inner life of real godliness.  We are not speaking of an outward appearance of godliness that many people could easily duplicate its behavior for a time.  But an inner joy, peace, and love that comes from the Creator in the presence of the Holy Spirit that lives in you.

It is this life that lives in you no matter what the outer world is experiencing.  This is what Paul spoke about when his world was being torn apart yet he found joy living.  This is the same spirit that is found in many Christ-followers today who may be physically challenged, or confronting cancer, or financial hardship, yet they are internally at peace.  It is not something they do, but it is a Special Spirit living in them.  To give up all that Christ makes available just doesn’t make sense.

Everything Christ makes available to us is what mankind seeks daily in their pursuit of vanity.  The only difference is He gives us this gift now and the rest of mankind is working to earn it.  Mankind wants peace, but doesn’t know how to attain it.  Mankind wants love in their life, but doesn’t know how to attain it.  Mankind wants joy in their life, hut doesn’t know where to find it.  Jesus has made it all possible for every single person to have everything mankind has been seeking since the beginning of dawn.  Why give up something so precious and valuable?  Let’s realize what we really have in our possession and live our life enjoying salvation accordingly as His Disciple.



Our Faithful Dad, your ways are the joys in our life.  Help us to live fully for you.  Help us to start with enthusiasm and finish with greater enthusiasm in everything we do for you.  Let nothing come between us.

Help us to keep  focused on what is always important each and every day.  Let each day begin and end with you.  Let everything sandwiched in between be lived with your approval.  Let us be true to you and honest with self in our pursuit of your kingdom.  Let your glory live in us forever!  Thank you Jesus.  Amen.

Yours In Christ,

Dr. Mike

Coach, Consultant, and Encourager

Author of Great Business Emulates a Good God


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