Even in Silence Our Walk Is Loud

walking faith 4

If you are like most responsible parents, you find yourself providing advice, teaching about life, and answering questions whenever you are with your children.  Sometimes, or some children would say most of the time, when you get started it’s hard for you to keep it short and to the point.  Most children remind us that we are not preaching a sermon but only answering a simple question.

If you are like most parents, you’ve made your share of mistakes and want to prevent your children from making the same, if at all possible.  Of course, like most young people, they take what they hear and assimilate it with what they see. They will focus on people who walk the talk.  Like most of our youngsters, they are aware that there is a lot of people who talk a good story but their actions reveal their true intentions.

Like most responsible parents, we probably try to walk the talk.  Sometimes though, we spend more time talking then walking.  Other times, we simply walk.  Whether we are talking or walking, we’ve come to realize that we are being observed, studied, and scrutinized.  Yet, with nothing to hide, our glass house is always open with our character being watched by family, friends, and co-workers every single day.

One characteristic being observed is our faith.  It is a faith that doesn’t know how to shut up showcasing itself through actions every day and every week.  A faith that whispers between friends and shouts among neighbors; a faith shining brightly on some days but cloudy on others.  A faith revealed in a simple life; a faith capable of moving mountains, but settles for picking up stones; a faith yearning to hear the word, live the word, and preach the word.  A faith that shouts even in silence – it would speak through the pores of our skin if we didn’t have a mouth.  A faith built on the foundation of Jesus, the universal Church, His word, and the Holy Spirit.  A bold faith built with human limitations.  Who needs to talk when faith is speaking?

Yet, God created us with the ability to speak., to communicate our feelings, emotions, understandings, and thoughts.  We are able to share our faith with each other; to encourage and buildup each other in the faith.  We are disciples learning to live the faith, preach the faith, teach the faith, and buildup the faith.  Even if we were incapable of communicating with the word, our actions would shout the faith of our Lord and Savior.  He is living His life in us.  He is our faith.



Our Faithful Dad, how your silence deafen us.  When we pray and don’t receive immediate answers, we only wait with greater patience.  When we seek and do not find, we only search deeper.  When we knock and you do not answer, we just keep ringing the bell.

You are always with us and that we know.  But at times we feel alone.  Then we pray and recall all the times you have intervened on our behalf.  Thank you.  Then we recall all the former answers to our prayers.  Thank you.  Then we think of all the ways you are capable of answering our requests.  Thank you.

You don’t need to speak. We see your answers all around us.  Thank you.  We see you in Jesus.  Thank you.  We hear you in our mind ears after we read your Book.  Thank you.  We feel you in our heart after we have communed together through prayer.  Thank you.  You are ever with us. before us, behind us, in us and around us.  Everywhere we go you are there.  We thank you Jesus for intervening in our prayer.  We shall seek expectantly.

Yours In Christ,

Dr. Mike

Coach, Consultant, and Encourager

Author of Great Business Emulates a Good God

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